Can The E-Bike Revolution Change Everything?

We're not big fans of traffic. Traffic has been around a long time and has plagued civilization ever since it was invented by who ever invented it. We think it's time that it needs to be un-invented. 

E-bikes can go a long way to solving the traffic problem by reducing the single occupancy car trips that make up the majority of car travel all over the world. That's a good thing. Standing on the corner, watching the traffic go by, each car a 4 seater, or 6 seater, or 8 seater, occupied by the one person driving, each taking up so much space, it's easy to think - why is the car the only option for people to get around? 

The US is hard press to change. It's take a movement and Americans don't like to be coerced into changing behavior. We're selfish and really don't care what good something will do for the environment, or the community if it impacts our personal freedom negatively. 

But isn't traffic binding us in chains? Look at Los Angeles. Millions of perfectly sane people endure the traffic there, doing little but positioning their lives around it, maneuvering in it, dealing with it as a mob. Why there isn't an e-bike store on every street corner in Los Angeles at this point, is perplexing. 

Humans resist change. We like to feel comfortable in things we are familiar with, even when they are bad for us or cause us harm or waste our time or cost us money. This complacency is what is keeping us stuck in traffic most of the time. Right now, any large percentage of us could be on a bicycle for the trips we are making by car, but we don't because we're used and expected to go by car. A car is warm. It's a shelter and a storage unit. It has nearly unlimited cargo capacity and gets us to places quickly, normally. 

On a purely selfish basis, we think e-bikes - though they could "change the world", or make the world a better place - will simply make your personal life better. They'll get you to where you need to go most of the time either nearly as fast, or sometimes faster. They'll improve your health by keeping you heart rate up through pedaling. They'll save you money by saving on gas and car repairs. 

The current technology of e-bike is making biking a viable option for many people for whom a bike was not an option. Some countries are looking at installing e-bike freeways, bike lanes devoted specifically to e-bikes. The United States is so dominated by car travel, it is hard to imagine how a community could adopt something similar without something like a Google or Elon Musk involved. There is simply not enough public funding to sway the group as a whole to get anything done, it seems, to solve that traffic. 

But on an individual and selfish basis- you can avoid traffic, structure your life with tools that remove you from it. One of those tools is the e-bike. Try one. 



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"Building on the vast experience and knowledge in servicing electric bikes we've gained over the past 8 years working with them, "Ebikelane Mobile" is now offering remote e-bike repair, service and bike-building services for e-bike owners and manufacturers around the Bay Area as an add-on service to our existing brick-and-mortar operations", said Joe Witherspoon Motostrano founder and President. "The need is already there and we think we are better positioned than any business to offer this mobile service."

With an email, phone call or text to 415-580-1452, customers can arrange repair and tune-up appointments at their home or office. The service allows e-bike owners to have their e-bike serviced at their home or office, avoiding the headache of bringing an out-of-service e-bike to the bike shop.

"Many e-bike owners are actually ditching their cars and replacing them with e-bikes entirely, which means getting to either of our stores for service or repair can be a pain in and of itself," said Witherspoon. "Additionally, once they make the switch, they don't want to go back and often need their bikes fixed asap just to keep getting around."

The mobile repair service is also being offered to e-bike manufacturers who are selling direct to customers or don't have a strong dealer network in the area. The company has already signed on two manufacturers to deliver the service, allowing them to service their customers directly when the need arises. 

Ebikelane Mobile provides expert e-bike repair and building for the most important ebike brands on the market today and all the resident mechanics are certified to service the major brands of drive system: BOSCH, Yamaha, BIONX, Shimano, Bafang, Stromer, etc. Ebilelane Mobile will also offer e-bike specific products and replacement parts like batteries, chargers, tires and other accessories that are unique to the uses of e-bike riders and the brands they support. 

"Over the years we've often had to service customers remotely and unofficially, so developing an official program for our own customers was inevitable," said John Tai Motostrano VP based in San Francisco. "Our service Map will start with San Francisco, Marin, San Mateo and Alameda Counties during the pilot program and branch out from there because we also understand the need to service customers outside of the main metros."

E-bike owners who don't have a good e-bike specific shop to go to can now call up EbikeLane Mobile and get the great service Motostrano/Ebikelane are known for in their home. Additionally, with the growth of online ordering of e-bikes, owners who bought their e-bikes online but need to have their bike's final assembly done by a mechanic no longer have to figure out how to get that giant e-bike box to a bike shop that may or may not have the full experience needed to build the e-bike in the first place. Ebikelane will also recycle the bike box. 

"This is a win for the consumer and also the e-bike industry who's looking for a way to expand the e-bike market to a bike industry who so far has been resistant to adopt e-bikes and a consumer base who wants to know they will be taken care of," said Witherspoon. "In fact, traditional bike stores who don't know how to work on e-bikes can use our service as a sales tool. E-bikes are in high demand and there's hundreds of brands and models. It's our job to stay on top of them and ensure they keep on buzzing."

Motostrano is a privately owned company based in Redwood City and San Francisco started in 2002.  




See San Francisco Like Never Before With an E-Bike Rental or E-bike Tour

EBIKELANE has been offering e-bike rentals for a long long time. That's nothing new. Where we differentiate form other places you can rent an e-bike is that we offer only the best quality BOSCH, Yamaha or SHIMANO ebikes to our customers and this means a lot. 

Our e-bikes won't break down on you and won't run out of battery. Our e-bikes will climb ANY hill in the City and our e-bikes feel and handle like a regular bike, without all the surging and out of control feeling you get from a cheap china bike. We don't sell cheap China bikes and so we don't rent cheap China ebikes. All of our e-bikes are high quality "e-performance" models just like the ones we sell and this means you won't every push one of our e-bikes up a hill or back from a trip. 

New for 2016! We offer e-bike tours! Doing a loop around the too-familiar tourist attractions of San Francisco is one thing. Exploring California on an e-bike adventure is another. E-bikes let you go further and faster than regular bikes and they let you have "e-adventures" too.

BOOK ONLINE: Now you can book your electric bike rental or tour directly on our web site. Our online booking system lets you book your ebike rental and tour online but you can always call our staff too. 

Our tours are unique and take you to the most interesting places in the Bay Area. 

Our ebikes will take you there too, should decide to go alone. Here are some e-bike destinations ideas for you:

  1. If you haven't ridden a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge, it's a must-do for any visitor to San Francisco, but unlike the tourists that have to push their bike up to the bridge because of those hills, our e-bikes let you ride all the way there, all the way across, all the way down to Sausalito, through the tunnel and out to the Marin Headlands and then back up the hill, back across the bridge and back to The City- all with a giant smile on your face, for one of the most memorable rides you can possible do. 
  2. Do a complete loop around the town starting at our downtown store location. Head out to Fishermans Warf, via Nob Hill, China Town and North Beach. Point your wheel to the big red Bridge after having some food at The Warf. Keep going up up up to The Presidio and out to Lands End. Explore Ocean Beach for a true California surfers experience, cruise past Golden Gate Park, The Windmills, the Zo and/or head east through Golden Gate Park and experience the silence of nature in the middle of the City. Cut back through Haight/Ashbury and shoot down to the Mission or head out to the Embarcadero. 
  3. Do a history tour of San Francisco. 
  4. Ride California One. Route 1 along the Pacific Coast is simply miraculous. A sight to see and is full of beauty, wonderful food, nature and excellent roads and trails. 
  5. Santa Cruz Mountains. Our e-bikes get you up the mountains. In just minutes you can be out of the city and in the peace and quiet of mountain roads with nothing but Redwoods and ferns and flowing creeks around you. 
  6. Get off the bus and out of the car. Just getting out of the car or bus is a liberating feeling our e-bikes won't let you down. Go where you want to go. Park where you need to park. 


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2017 Haibikes Are Now Available

EBIKELANE/ Motostrano is the Bay Area's premiere Haibike dealer and the 2017 models are available now! 

With a whole new naming structure and over 50 models of off-road and road ebikes to select from, visit our stores to see and try some of these now available models. 

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