2016 Haibike, Cube and Moustache

Our store is well stocked on the 2016 Haibike and Cube XDURO and SDURO models now. Haibike XDURO model off-road ebikes are equipped with the latest PERFORMANCE CX BOSCH motor system and some S models have a top speed of 28 MPH!! Definitely worth a look. Meanwhile Cube street, hybrid and off-road ebikes are in full supply with STEREO CX equipped models in most demand. Electric mountain bikes are the wave of the future. Stop in and  see for your self. 

2016 SDURO Haibikes are Here!

Haibike's Yamaha powered SDURO models mean great reliability, huge range and a lower price point compared to the BOSCH systems. The 2016 SDURO models are here and you can test ride them at our San Francisco location. 

There's the Haibike Trekking Sduro models which provide a comfortable ride on a touring ebike platform. Just turn on and pedal for miles and miles of range and comfort. 

There's the 29er full suspension models and 27.5 hard tail models starting at just $2500

View the full SDURO line now. 

Cube Electric Bike - From Germany

Ebike and emobility are strong in Germany, with a vibrant base of brands putting out great bikes and other transportation devices. 

Ebikelane stocks the CUBE ebikes which offer high-end mountain bikes with full suspension and hardtail options. 

Check out Cube bikes

2016 Haibikes Coming Soon

The 2016 Haibike range of BOSCH and YAMAHA powered ebikes are in transit to our store as we publish this post. 

The first bikes to arrive in San Francisco and Redwood City will come from their new entry level.  The HAIBIKE Cross SM and the Haibike Hard Seven. Both bikes will be new with the SDURO YAMAHA motor and this will be the first Haibike SDURO YAMAHA to splash on the US scene and Motostrano will have them first. 

We've spent some good seat time on the YAMAHA systems. They are as good as the BOSCH systems to start with. They offer great range and wonderful feel. Smooth and silent. 

The full range of Yamaha SDURO models are expected to be in our stores by spring time. 



We're Committed To BOSCH, BOSCH Is Dedicated To You

Over the past 7 years that we've been dealing in E-bikes, we've seen a lot of systems come and go. None compare so far to the performance and reliability of the BOSCH Drive System. 

Mobility connects: Your eBIKE and You. You and Others. All of us, always and everywhere in the world.

BOSCH is the market leader for eBIKE systems in all of Europe and has been for some time. Since being introduced in the USA BOSCH has also taken hold for those seeking the best performance value and reliability of any other system. 

Tamara Winograd, BOSCH Marketing Communications, puts it this way

"Getting from A to B - two letters with deep meaning for each of us. For centuries we longed for mobility. And the bicycle has played a key role in this. Today the ebike has become the new symbol of individual mobility: it represents freedom and independence, shrinks distances and mountains in front of us, and makes our goals attainable.

"We at BOSCH eBike Systems have set for ourselves the goal of creating an eBIKE world which supplies mobility to every individual. Regardless of whether you want to be active or just relax, or to be on the go with the eBIKE in every day life or in your spare time.

BOSCH has invested something close to a billion dollars all said and done in their eBike system. Already enormously successful in EUROPE - you can't avoid the system while walking the halls of EUROBIKE in Germany - the USA is only just beginning to see the benefits of ebike mobility and ebike performance. 

Claus Fleischer head of the eBIKE Product Division at BOSCH

"It's simple: eBiking makes us more mobile, it is fun, and it is becoming more and more athletic. In this way the eBIKE is tapping new possibilities with many target groups. In this way the eBIKE is tapping new possibilities with many target groups. More and more young people are currently discovering how cool eBiking is - a rare lifestyle trend that is evolving from old to young."

EBIKELANE is a strong proponent of eBiking and BOSCH. When you enter an EBIKELANE store, there IS NO DOUBT what is going on here. We're the eBIKE shop and we cater to the modern urban dweller looking for more mobility out of her or his bike. This is why we offer a complete end to end solution for the consumer with a focused approach so that our entire store is suited specifically to thew needs of the eBiker vs the non-ebiker. We understand what you're looking for and can help you decide and make the right choices. Plus, when there's a need for service we are there as well. 

Electric Bike Specific Clothing Comes To USA

With our roots embedded firmly in hard core motorcycle riding and racing, you would be right to think that we knew a thing or two about crashing, body armor and protection products. Prior to our deep plunge into the exploding world of e-bikes, we were merchants of CE armor, cowhide extra skins and SNELL-approved headwear from brands like Alpinestars, Arai and REVIT.

Now, with the growth of electric-powered biking, with motors becoming lighter and more powerful and people taking them to new levels of fun and danger, we knew it would only be a matter of time before an e-bike specific clothing line made its way to market. 

The e-bike specific clothing we've been waiting for is now here and produced by a small-batch future-forward company based in the Northern Italy where nearly all the best fast-clothing is produced. We first encountered the products at the way back area of EUROBIKE and we like their approach. 

Focused primarily on urban styling, the purpose in Pure Electric's clothing is to provide a product that the urban rider will wear and provide protection and comfort while also allowing them to convert the garment easily back to pure fashion. 

Look for this line to hit our stores in the next 4-6 weeks direct from Italy.

Fashion = technology = mobility = protection. 

And while Italy was showing us some of their latest fashion technology, we showed Italy some of our wearable computer technology: 


The New Yamaha Powered Ebikes Are Coming!

We're excited about the all new Yamaha powered mid-drive ebikes hitting the market in the USA soon. First with HAIBIKE coming out with their SDURO models. Our San Francisco and Redwood City stores will be among the, if not the, first to have them in the US when they come out and we will be sure to invite you to the product unveiling to celebrate. 

What we know so far, having ridden the Yamaha system last year at EUROBIKE, is that Yamaha will be a major contender in the ebike market with their motor system. The feel and power is very similar to the BOSCH systems. The pricing of the system will be less than the BOSCH system and the set up itself is lighter in weight. 

One customer recently emailed us: 

"Just saw that email introducing the Haibike Sduro with the Yamaha motor. Hey so what are your thoughts on the Yamamha motor? The website doesn't give top speed or anything. Is it better than the Bosch? And did anything happen to that business relationship btw Haibike and Bosch?"

Speeds will be similar to the XDURO BOSCH- up to 20MPH with 28 including a dongle. A little less torque. A more compact footprint on the bike.

We'll post info on the bikes as they hit our store!



The Perfect San Francisco Cargo Bike - Yuba Spicy Curry eBIKE

The long awaited bright green Cargo eBIKE from YUBA - the Spicy Curry Cargo Bike is here and you're invited to view and test ride this wonderful machine in our San Francisco and Redwood City stores. The first Spicy Curry assembled from the box sold within minutes of arriving and more are on the floor for you too. 

San Franciscans can now solve the problem of a compact vehicle with zero emissions and zero parking fees that can still climb San Francisco's notorious hills. Carry packages, groceries and kids with the powerful mid-drive motor system from Currie Technologies. 

A pleasure to ride due to the wonderful build quality of the bike itself from YUBA, this bike is loaded too features for add ons. Add bags, racks, hand rails, etc. 

With a top speed of 20MPH this bike is simply a dream to ride around town. 

Call our store today and make an appointment to test ride one today. 

Click for more info about the Yuba Spicy Curry


Urban Commuter Ebike - A2B Ferber

If you live and work in Silicon Valley or the greater San Francisco Bay Area, you know that riding a bike to work can often be a faster, not to mention a more stress-free way, to get around. In spite of our heavy-weight car culture bent, or perhaps because of it, many people who live and work here are also extremely practical and don't like messing around in traffic. For that, there are e-bikes. 

To live and breathe success, we demand a greater freedom and most of all freedom of movement, away from traffic, away from the stress-free lifestyle that so many endure unhappily around us. If you subscribe to the 4-hour work week possibility, you certainly don't wish to spend 2 of those hours each day stuck in traffic congestion caused by an over-burdened transit and highway system. 

To achieve grace in the work place, we must look to a new way to get to work starting at the first stage of the commute. Reducing reliance on 4 wheels to move about town is one of the ways that we can reduce personal stress, reduce transport costs and reduce CO2 emissions. 

Pictured above is the A2B Ferber electric bike in a natural setting in Silicon Valley. Not dependent on a parking lot. Not constricted by traffic congestion, but also not defined by physical endurance or perspiration. The commuter is free to roam the world and move about without hassle. She can wear the clothing she wants to wear, whether it's a skirt or heels and arrive ready to work. 

Our Most Popular San Francisco Ebikes?

In a city of dot com wealth and famous hills, you'd be right if you thought ebikes were a perfect match for the technorati pouring into the Bay. San Franciscans like to get around town, but unfortunately there's too many cars and not enough parking, so biking is now very popular and ebikes take the edge and sweat off your ride, get you where need to be and you have no parking headaches once you get there. 

The BOSCH powered bikes are the bikes to own in the City if you want a seamless ownership experience and can afford the $4k starting price tag. 

Alternately, we recommend the eFLOW bikes from Switzerland for their superior ride and hill climbing ability. Plus the eFLOW have a throttle if you want to just cruise. 

Each ebike we offer is pre fully guaranteed and warranteed. Plus we offer 2 free tune-ups for each bike we sell.

Our ebikes are all part of our #ridewithout pain mantra. This slogan embodies our sense of biking as a mode of transportation and exercise that doesn't have to be painful. If you have pains in your legs, back, wrists, you can still ride a bike and biking doesn't have to enhance those pains. Assisted cycling, provided by an ebike, can help you ride more often, faster and easier than by unassisted bike. This benefits you and the world at the same time. It's ok to smile and ride a bike at the same time, even if you have physical problems that cause pain.