With the CUBE Reaction Hybrid Race, no mountain is too steep and no goal too far! Whether family outings or sporty touring and trekking with friends - with this bike, the joy of mountain biking reaches a new level. The combined power of man and Bosch CX engine, together with the high-quality aluminum Superlite frame and the Shimano XT 11-shifting switchgear, ensure unprecedented driving pleasure. In order for everyone to find the perfect wheel, it is available as a 27.5 or 29, thanks to SizeSplit.


The double-trimmed frame made of aluminum Superlite has been specially developed for the requirements of the new Bosch system and has been equipped with a well thought-out internal train guidance system for 2017. With a remarkably low weight, the frame is extremely stiff and thus ensures enormous propulsion and high steering precision. The Reaction Hybrid Race is a very versatile trailblazer with a driving style that is unique for e-bikes, but only the specially developed Agile Ride geometry (ARG) and the optimal positioning of the Bosch system (ODP).