Felt Nine-E Electric Bike


We are asked a lot- if you could have just ONE e-bike what would it be? For most of the situations we find ourselves in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, that bike would be the Felt Nine-E. The Felt Nine-E is one of our favorite multi-purpose electric bikes because it handles pavement as well as it handles non-pavement. 

Add on some road-ish tires and you have the perfect commuter. Leave the knobbiest and you have a really fun e-MTB ready for any trail and this one loves going up as much as down. This is an e-bike that will give the owner years and years of happy ownership. It's a bike that can handle long trips across the Golden Gate over to Marin and through the Marin trails and back again and never die out. With a long range ECO range of 90 miles you can go anywhere. 

With the BOSCH e-bike system on the crank you know you're investment is going to last without problems, year after year. Turn it on and go, every time. The BOSCH e-bike system climbs any hill with ease and deliveries perfectly in synch power and a the best range in the business. But even more, this is a bike for all seasons. It is a wonderful hard tail mountain bike with real-world MTB performance components that give it real trail credentials. It's also perfect for daily use as a commuter. It's light enough and comfortable enough to get on and use it for paved rides to and from work, school, as you need it. As a purely recreational tool this bike could be the only bike you ever need. 

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