Felt Sport-e Step Through E-Bike


Living and biking around the San Francisco bay area, you're faced with all types of terrain and riding conditions. Choppy streets, giant hills. Perfect e-bike territory. If it is a light weight, highest quality, sport-oriented recreational commuter bike you're looking for that is fast, easy to use and good looking, the Felt Sport-E is the way to go. It comes equipped with the BOSCH e-bike system, which is the most reliable motor system you can own. A commuting, cross-training machine, Felt’s SPORTe is the ultimate bike to get you to work with everything riders need for swift commuting, errand running and cross training. The SPORTe comes in traditional and low-step through design geometries to perfectly fit all types of riders. Skip the traffic without breaking a sweat, grab a SPORTe. The Sport-E looks great, doesn't stand out as an e-bike, but also doesn't stand out as a concept bike freak. This is a classic style street bike hybrid with the most respected e-bike system available. 

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