Haibike Xduro FS RX 27.5 Electric Mountain Bike


If what you demand is the best at all times then you can do no better than starting right here with this bike from Haibike. The XDURO FS RX 27.5 is the MOTOSTRANO E-BIKE E-MOUNTAIN BIKE of The YEAR and our top selling e-bike for 2014. Remove the electric stuff on this bike and you have a WONDERFUL e-bike. Add the electric stuff back on and you have the best e-bike on the market for off-road riding. The BOSCH System will never let you down. 
A balance between up and down, this bike is equally at home climbing the mountain as it is blasting down it. 

The BOSCH system on the Haibike Xduro FS RX 27.5 allows the rider to feel at one with the bike with complete control, no lag and no jumpiness on the pedals. Enjoy complete motor control on the pedals even for the most tight single track and marble conditions. You can instantly feel the difference in a BOSCH powered e-bike over any other system on the market. Visit one of our store locations to try one for yourself. With each e-bike we sell, you'll get the best service available, 2 free e-bike tune-ups and the best knowledge in the San Francisco bay area. 

The Haibike FSRX is one of our favorite e-bike models. It's the base model full suspension Haibike e-bikes and can conquer most of the same trails as the higher end models. This is a pro-spec mountain bike ready for anything you can throw at it it.