Haibike XDURO Race E-Bike


Robin Williams famously said that the reason he loved cycling so much was that it was the closest he could get to flying. And this is so true. And it's even more true on the Haibike XDURO Race version of the ebike line. Beautifully matched power of the BOSCH e-bike system powers you 4 times as much with the assist, propelling you up to 28MPH up hill on a bike that is the lightest in its class. 

This bike is quality made and holds its own as a regular bike too. It's a rocket with the motor and gets you where you want to go in any kind of hurry you ask of it. 

The XDURO RACE translates XDURO’s core philosophy into a racing bike: travel kilometres with a high range and speed, which makes the XDURO RACE an uncompromising object that can power through the streets. This is achieved through a combination of its own power and a new 350 Watt performance motor that can go up to speeds of 45 km/h. XDURO ‐ Radically Electrified There is a good reason behind the performance eBike boom: the Haibike XDURO range. The first models were introduced in 2009 and have been a success ever since! It is by far the most successful and comprehensive ePerformance range on the market. Our secret? From the very beginning, we focused on combining sporty mountain bikes with the dynamics of an off‐road compatible motor. The result: a brand new riding experience! Limitless and pure riding enjoyment! Your own physical power is still an essential component of the XDURO riding experience. You can go all out or simply enjoy cruising along – it’s completely up to you. Multiple Award‐Winning Design The XDURO design promises what the technology delivers: the Pedelecs are not oversized mountain bikes, nor are they shrunken motocross machines. They are consistent, well‐proportioned performance eBikes. Their design has won the iF Design Award and the Eurobike Award, and has also been awarded the Extra- Energy test seal of approval. You get what you see!