M1 Das Schwabing S-Pedelec Electric Bike


The m1 Sporttechnik individually manufactures each SCHWABING bike at its headquarters in Wyearn in the SE of Munich. After all, there is no room for compromises when it comes to quality. With 250W or 500W power options, the M1bike is built and tested on -site- Manufactured in Germany. Because M1 firmly believes that the hand that carries out assembly should be as close as possible to the head that is responsible for engineering and design. 

Concentrated electric power and fantastic carbon design. Two characteristics for an urban bike that will definitely become the talk of the town. In every town and city. Only carbon makes it possible to produce the exclusive frame shape with an exceptional design. The powerful cleanmobile mid-motor with belt drive delivers 500w and 120 Nm of torque and allows relaxed urban cruising. The freely suspended saddle and electric drive with responsible acceleration are sre signs tha you have arrived in DAS SCHWABING world. 





120 NM

880 WH


The perfect combination of innovation and design, DAS SCHWABING is equipped with the genes of a Bavarian high tech composite and automotive technology company. In fact, DAS SCHWABING, the youngest member of the M1 family incorporates the entire knowhow of the Fritzmeier Group - an international carbon specialist in the field of automotive technology that also manufactueres components for the BMW i8. In the 70s, Fritzmeier developed the first skis made of composit material which Rosi Mittermaier used to become double Olympic champion in 1976. In 1977, Fritzmeier founded the cult brand Mistral, whose boards were used by Robby naish to win, among other things, 15 surf world championships. In 1994 Fritzmeier developed the Magma Red Hot for M1 Sporttechnik the first carbon mountain bike in monocoque design. And now DAS SCHWABING: a power pack and design icon with the world's most powerful mass production drive unit for e-bikes. A bike you will enjoy! 


2 versions available - but we import the 500W only. If you prefer the 250W, call us. 

100% carbon monocoque frame, unique for an urban e-bike

Up to 120 NM and 500W mid-motor drive

The most powerful battery currently available with 880Wh rechargeable in 3.5 hours

CVT hub shifter

Connectivity for smartphone navigation prepared 

5 assistance levels up to 550% of manual pedal power

Belt drive from Continental low maintenance and long service life

Classic version also available with the chain drive

Frame size 48 cm or 53 cm