M1 Sporttechnik Spitzing R-Pedelec Electric Bike


When you need the fastest, lightest and most advanced engineering from Germany in an e-bike you need the M1 Sporttechnik Spitzing. M1 invented a new category in the Pedelec range with the Spitzing R-Pedelec for racing. You might not understand the thrill of traveling nearly 50MPH on a bicycle, but when you have experienced it you may not want to slow down. This is the future of light weight two wheeled travel. 

Vmax: 75 km/h 
0-50 km/h: 7,5 sec. 
Mid-engine with 850 W 
880 Wh lithium-ion battery 

1 Lighter and stiffer: Super-sized carbon frame 
2 Boxed Suspension: Protected damper 
3 Clean Frame Design: Internal cable routing 
4 Runs and runs: 880 Wh battery power 
5 Overwhelming strength: Mid-engine with 120 Nm and up to 850 W of power 
6 Pure Enduro: 150 mm full-suspension and 27,5“ wheels 

This full-suspension enduro bike is the masterpiece of engineering from M1-Sporttechnik and the Fritzmeier Group, the inventors of the full-suspension carbon e-bike. The design of a impressively powerful carbon fiber frame with the mighty tubes was made in the Fritzmeier division, where also carbon parts for the new electric BMW i-fleet arise. 

The SPITZING is equipped with the revolutionary Pin-Drive of TQ Systems that makes you move in a way you never felt before. With 120 Nm, it drives you forward. The sprint from 0 to 50 km/h – only 7.5 seconds. 75 km/h, you can do it! You feel like in a Formula 1 car, and you have the famous quote of Rallye World Champion Walter Röhrl in mind: "Acceleration is when the tears of emotion flow horizontally to your ears.“ 
Yesterday was fast, today is WOW: the M1 Spitzing as R-Pedelec.* 

For those who want to have this bike for daily use: M1 offers you the SPITZING as S-Pedelec with limitation to 45 km/h or as Pedelec with 250 watt output and pedal assistance up to 25 km/h. In the M1 manufactory your dreams come true. Here we build exactly the bike that fits all of your desires.