Mando Footloose Electric Bike


The Mando Footloose combines e-mobility (read getting around town) with high design concepts and unique advanced technology to create a product that is like no other. Like you. A folding bike taken to the next level. A bicycle taken to the next step. The Footloose is the ipod of the folding ebike category. It's elegant ingenuity stacks up well next to inspiration, to fashion, philosophy, creativity and beauty. Store it in the back of your Tesla. Ride it from the Caltrain to your meeting at Google. Have lunch on the Embarcardero. Park your car outside the city and ride comfortably downtown. The Footloose is a new concept of a personal transportation method using electric energy in the form of a "chain-less" e-bike design. The Footloose is equipped with a "Series Hybrid System" that generates power through pedaling. It also detects the slope of the riding surface and automatically shifts the gear to allow users to ride as if on a level road. The Footloose uses an internal Lithium Ion battery that can be charged using the included off-board charger when at rest and by the rider while pedaling.

Top Speed 15.5 MPH.  Range 18 to 28 miles (subject to payload and road conditions) Motor = Dual Winding Motor - 250 watts.  Battery = 36V, 8.2 Ah Wheel = 20"Display = Detachable (2.5 inch Color LCD) Frame = Aluminum. Fork = Carbon Fiber. Weight = 48 lbs.