Yuba Spicy Curry Electric (Bosch) Cargo Bike


The best Yuba e-cargo bike yet! Spicy Curry, BOSCH powered, is like Spicy Curry Turbo. In fact, the BOSCH ebike system even has a TURBO mode. It's the ebike you may have been waiting for and we have them in stock. 

What's new? A lot. Yuba added some more spice to this great eCargo bike by swapping the Currie motor for the latest and greatest BOSCH and we're happy as pie about it.

Carry the kids, climb mountains. It does everything except fly.

With a ton of torque and responsive software, the award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike is perfect for steep hills or long-distance trips. First and foremost, it comes standard with a state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. It features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel to lower the bike’s center of gravity and provide a stable and safe platform for your payload. The Spicy Curry comes with a two-year warranty and you can mount both child seats, seat pads, and mini hold-on bars for added security.

great vehicle for families, individuals and businesses looking for a quality cargo bike with added power to carry any loads up steep hills or ride through urban traffic.

  • Bosch Perfomance CX Motor + PowerPack 400
  • Low step design for easy mounting
  • Low-rider cargo rack with plug-in cargo system
  • Optional dual battery